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Polite Expressions TM  is an imprint of Pointe Ultimate Publishing LLC.
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     25 card

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only $9.99 ea

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About us . . .
Polite Expressions™  thank you notes are published by Pointe Ultimate Publishing LLC, a North Florida based and family owned publications firm.   

But who are we really ?  Well, to start with, we’re just your average family. 
We know, we know, there’s no such thing as “just” or “average” you say in the 21st Century.  You know the scene:  balancing two jobs/careers, kids in school, housework, spouse, in-laws, meetings, and heaven forbid that you try to arrange a date-night !     

Add a child with special needs, the kind where speech and motor control is delayed, and try teaching concepts like writing and creative thinking skills.  Where were the thank you notes with pictures to inspire ?  We felt that children should be learning the power of a thank you note at an early age.  

And that is how Polite Expressions™ thank you notes were born !  

We think we have some fresh ideas “just for kids”:  cute, kid-friendly graphics with simple, sincere messages or just plain “thank you” with space to add a message.  Some of the shortest messages in the English language are the most sincere, like “thank you”, “I love you”, and “Will you be my Valentine?”   

For grown-ups we’ve created a one-of-a-kind collection of watercolor flowers.  There’s a unique design for every taste.  Don’t see what you’re looking for ?  E-mail us your request:  
  Contact Us . . .

    Pointe Ultimate Publishing LLC
     3720 NW 43rd Street, Box 11
           Gainesville  FL 32606
Why Buy from Us ?
Polite Expressions™ note cards are a fresh new collection of thank you cards designed with you and your children in mind.  The kid-friendly designs are meant to help you teach your children the value, skill and pleasure of sending and receiving thank you cards. 

It is our opinion that the people who send the most number of thank you cards are the people who rule the world, or at least, their little corner of it. For the leaders among us who broadcast thank you cards the way Johnny sowed apple seeds, there must be a sensible dynamic to the economies of sincerity, efficacy and cost. Here it is.

This is a new venture for us, but we will be here. We will, when the muse strikes, dream up new product.  We will be vigilant about quality, availability and packaging, and all those kind of issues.  If there is ever a problem, please contact us. We are not interested in collecting info about you. We do not even have a mailing list. There is an unmistakable trend in the nature of all our ventures. We take care of the people, who take care of the people.